If you are travelling to our fair from a country whose citizens require a visa for India, you will need an official letter from Plexpoindia 2016.

In order for us to formulate this letter as precisely as possible, you must provide us with various details.

Please complete all of the points listed below. We will then send you the official letter by email / fax which may be presented for obtaining visa.

Please inquire about the entry requirements applying to you (e.g. visa requirement) sufficiently in advance before you come to the event. Please carry out the necessary formalities yourself. Plexpo will accept no responsibility if you do not receive a visa or do not receive it on time, or if you are unable to travel to the event due to other reasons.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible from Monday to Friday (Except Saturday/Sunday and on holidays)

Mr. / Ms. / Mrs.  
First name  
Middle name  
Last name  
Passport number  
Date of issue of Passport  
Date of Expiry of Passport  
Date of birth  
Company Name  
Telephone No.  
Mobile No.  
Fax No.  
Email id  


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